• Honesty

    Glen Park Auto Works is dedicated to honest service for our customers, and that means ensuring that you have the best and most accurate diagnosis for your vehicle’s ailments. Count on having an honest and reputable service department care for your vehicle.
  • Integrity

    With high standards of ethics comes a reliability of care that you will be able to trust is the best possible solution for you. Glen Park Auto Works is that company, with an emphasis on integrity in service so great you will feel comfortable coming to us for every need you stumble across.
  • Experience

    Why settle for anything less than perfection? The experience of the service department at Glen Park Auto Works is second to none and our employees will treat your car with every ounce of experience the possess to ensure the best diagnosis and treatment for your vehicle.
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Our ASE Certified Technicians expertise in brake repair and replacement provides you with the peace of mind your brakes are done right the first time.



Our friendly, personalized service, coupled with reasonable prices and quality repairs, makes us the premier auto repair shop in Gary, IN.


Custom Exhaust

We are specialists in modifying exhaust pipes for our clients and to ensure that that the installation of the new pipe is working with peak efficiency.