Six Reasons to Stay Current on Oil Changes

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Never underestimate the benefits of a conventional or synthetic oil change. There are few things more significant on your car maintenance schedule than the oil change, as this quick and affordable procedure often prevents significant car repairs in the long run. So, if you are behind, consider calling us today to schedule. Here are six reasons why you should never skip that cheap oil change in Northwest Indiana:


  • Reduces wear and tear: Oil lubricates moving parts so they do not wear out from excessive friction. But as oil ages, it starts to absorb impurities and produces sludge, which increases friction and reduces efficiency. Once you change the oil, the new oil cleans these surfaces and lubricates better, resulting in less wear and tear on your car’s components.
  • Improved gas mileage: Oil with impurities and the consistency of sludge does not contribute to your car’s smooth operation. In fact, it makes processes much less efficient, and your engine will demand more fuel to make up for it. The result is fewer miles per gallon and more visits to your fuel station. Oil changes cost money, but they also make up for it by reducing your monthly fuel costs.
  • Cleaner engine: The sludge and impurities that build up in oil transfer to your engine. Built-up particles lead to corrosion and reduce your engine life. If you allow this to continue for too long, skipping your cheap oil change in Northwest Indiana eventually leads to an expensive engine replacement or even the need for a new car. Routine oil changes remove these harmful elements and helps your engine last longer and run more efficiently.
  • Cooler engine temperature: Summer will be here before we know it, and with it, the risk of your engine overheating. You are more likely to face this possibility if you skip essential auto maintenance and miss your oil changes. Contaminated oil adds more friction than it prevents, which produces heat and can eventually lead to overheating. If you switch out old oil for clean oil, your engine runs cleanly and does not produce excessive friction.
  • Better lubrication: Your car is full of moving parts, and if they are not lubricated, they wear each other out and start to perform erratically. Pistons, valves and other engine parts work quickly in a hot and hostile environment that breeds corrosion. The difference between this being an efficient environment and a dangerous one is lubrication. When you provide clean oil to provide that lubrication, you are less likely to face unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.
  • Vehicle longevity: The best way to keep cars lasting a long time is by changing the oil. When you keep your engine clean with new oil, it is less likely to fail before its time, and you can find your car lasts easily into 100,000 miles or even over 200,000 miles. It is never fun to shop for a new car out of desperation after an old one dies, so help your car last longer with regular oil changes.

Glen Park Autoworks offers complete auto repair in Northwest Indiana. Whether your vehicle requires a synthetic oil change or a cheap oil change, we use only the highest-grade oil and never skip steps. Your car will run better and last longer. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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