What Are Daylight Running Lights?

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Daytime running lights have been around for over 40 years now, but many people still don’t know exactly how they function and their benefits. If you’re looking to add some safety on the road for you and other motorists, you can equip your vehicle with DRLs to help them see you during the day. In this article, you will learn a few things about DRLs, including why you should have them.

What Are Daytime Running Lights?

Daytime running lights or lamps (DRLs) are automotive lighting devices located on the front of motor vehicles that automatically switch on when you turn on the engine to improve visibility in bright daytime conditions. They make you visible to other drivers on the road. Since they are not meant to light up the roads, they are often made with LED lights instead of halogen headlight bulbs. They are reasonably dim and are more suitable for dark cars and regions with low light conditions during the day.

Benefits of Daytime Running Lights

DRLs have been particularly helpful in countries with fairly dark winters as there is less light. That’s why the lights were first used in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Canada, and Denmark to help reduce accidents. Countries with bright daytime conditions may not require these lights. In fact, several American states banned the use of DRLs entirely, but GM pushed for vehicles with DRLs to be driven on all American roads later in the ’90s.

Any daytime running light bulb you install on your vehicle is a form of light that makes it easy to spot dark-colored cars or vehicles that blend with the ground. They grab your attention fast, and you have a few seconds to react and adjust, saving your life and that of the other driver in a dangerous situation. Since they turn on when you start the engine, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them on.

Do You Need Headlights on When it Rains if You Have Daytime Running Lights?

DRLs are not meant to substitute headlights or fog lights. You will need to turn on your low beam headlights, also known as snow, fog, or heavy rain lights. High beamed lights will only reflect back and cause glare. Many people also don’t know that when the DRLs are on, the rear taillights don’t come on.

Are Daytime Running Lights Safe?

While DRLs are meant to provide safety, some people believe they can do more harm than good. Many people still believe that they are less useful in countries with plenty of sunlight. While each country has its rules on the required brightness, some DRLs are allowed to be as bright as headlights which can be dangerous as they can potentially blind other drivers. In bigger vehicles, the DRLs are placed higher up, meaning that they can shine directly into the eyes of other drivers.

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