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What Are Daylight Running Lights?

April 22, 2022 9:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Daytime running lights have been around for over 40 years now, but many people still don’t know exactly how they function and their benefits. If you’re looking to add some safety on the road for you and other motorists, you can equip your vehicle with DRLs to help them see you during the day. In this article, you will learn a few things about DRLs, including why you should have them. What Are Daytime Running Lights? Daytime running lights or lamps (DRLs) are automotive lighting devices located on the front of motor vehicles that automatically switch on when you turn... View Article

Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle’s AC

March 30, 2022 3:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

During the hot summer season, you will rely on your car’s air conditioning system to keep you cool when driving. Like any other air conditioning system, your vehicle’s air conditioning system requires maintenance to perform optimally throughout the summer period. If you wait until your car’s AC has a problem, you may end up spending more money on spare parts or a bigger problem like replacing the entire system. Similarly, don’t wait until summer to book a vehicle AC maintenance. Most air conditioning technicians are busier during the summer, which means you may need to wait longer to get your... View Article

Are Extended Car Warranties Worth It?

March 25, 2022 7:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many dealerships offer extended warranties to their patrons at the time of purchase. You may be wondering if those warranties are worth it if you’ve been presented with such an offer. Here’s some information on their characteristics and whether they’re worth the expense: What Are Extended Warranties? Every car comes with a limited warranty set by the manufacturer. The dealership may also offer an initial limited warranty. As a buyer, you have the option to add time to those warranties to offset the costs for certain automotive repairs. That’s where extended warranties come in. How Do Extended Warranties work? Generally, dealerships... View Article

What Should I Keep in My Vehicle for Emergencies?

February 21, 2022 6:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you had to list the items in your car right now, would you be able to? Maybe you recall an old soda can in the backseat, or the coins in the console. But how about anything useful? A vehicle emergency kit is one thing you should always have on hand. It can make a significant difference in keeping you and your family safe and comfortable in the event of an emergency. Let’s look at the essential items to keep in a car survival kit. Jumper cables While modern cars have plenty of sensor and warning systems, you may not... View Article

Top Reasons Power Windows Stop Working

January 28, 2022 6:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Almost all vehicles these days have power windows. These are almost always more convenient than the old hand-crank style of window. The one disadvantage is that when they stop working, there’s simply no way to get the window down. If you have a busted window, your car will become uncomfortable. This is also a safety issue. Read on to find out about leading reasons for power windows not working. Window lock button is on This is one of those “D’oh!” moments. If your power window won’t roll down, check that the window lock button is disengaged. This, as you might... View Article