Auto Heating and Cooling Repair in Gary, IN

You can’t drive with the windows down all year round. When it’s too hot or too cold outside, you rely on your auto heat and A/C to work properly. If you’re not getting the controlled cabin air that you need to drive comfortably, schedule an appointment with Glen Park Autoworks to get to the bottom of things.

Services Offered

Our focus on heating and cooling services ensures your vehicle is getting the attention and care it deserves. And, while we offer a full scope of auto repair in Gary, Black Oak, and Lake County, IN, as well as Chicago and East Chicago, IL we specializing in keeping up on your car’s many heating and cooling components. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Heater core and water pump replacement
    Failure of a heater core or water pump means a complete failure of your vehicle to deliver cooled or warmed air. Allow us to replace these crucial parts, to restore your auto HVAC to full working order.
  • Antifreeze leak repairs
    Notice leaking under your vehicle while it’s parked? It’s likely antifreeze leaking. We can trace leaks to their origin and fully repair them to prevent fluid loss.
  • A/C charging
    If your Freon is depleted, cold air is going to be hard to come by. Let us recharge your A/C system to ensure it’s delivering cooled air are the press of a button, to help stave off summer heat.
  • A/C compressors and condensers
    Compressors and condensers can fail over time and with routine use. We’ll pinpoint failures and replace these vital components to save you money and restore your A/C function.
  • Diagnostics
    Part of providing the best solution is having the right diagnosis of the problem. We use comprehensive car diagnostics in Gary, IN to deliver rapid repairs that you can trust. It’s just another way we set ourselves apart from other auto body shops!

Keep Cabin Air Comfortable

When the time comes to roll the windows up and kick on the cabin air, make sure you’re getting the warm or cool air you need to be comfortable. Contact us for an appointment for auto heating and cooling, electrical systems, brake, and muffler services with Glen Park Autoworks today by calling 219-887-5555.