Car Diagnostics & More in Gary, IN

The most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years and years is to always keep up on scheduled maintenance services. Ignoring oil changes, timing belts, fluid flushes and more will lead to breakdowns and failures—all of which shaves years off your car’s life and dig deep into your wallet. Glen Park Autoworks will help you stay on track to avoid these setbacks.

Services Offered

Routine services and car diagnostics generally occur in regular intervals. Getting familiar with them will help you stay up to date on maintenance. And, if you forget, our team is always here to catch you up! Some of the maintenance services we frequently provide include:

  • Timing belt replacements
    Problems with your timing belt can debilitate your entire vehicle! Have this critical part changed by our team every 60-100k miles.
  • State inspections
    Emissions ensure your vehicle isn’t putting out too much smog annually. We can test your emissions before you renew your plates and will help make any repairs needed after a failure.
  • Oil changes
    We welcome your vehicle every 3-5k miles and can provide you with a complete oil change in Gary, IN to keep it running smoothly. We use high-grade oil and offer Mobil 1 motor oil. We don’t skip any step of the process, ensuring a frictionless engine environment until your next oil change.

  • Safety inspections
    Safety inspections are not just for you, but for everyone else you share the road with! Have your vehicle inspected at our shop to ensure it’s totally roadworthy.
  • Tire rotations
    Rotating your tires will promote even tread wear and better fuel economy, not to mention increase tire life. Come to us to have this service done every fourth oil change or as needed.
  • Fluid addition
    Our team can check your fluid levels to make sure they’re in the right spot. If they’re not and you’re low, we’ll top them off!

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

From oil changes to brake service, emissions to mufflers to suspensions in Gary, Black Oak, or Lake County, IN and Chicago or East Chicago, IL, there’s no understating the importance of scheduled services. Make a service appointment with Glen Park Autoworks today if you’re due for any car diganostics service and we’ll make sure your car is in the best possible hands. Contact us today at 219-887-5555.