Auto Electrical Services in Gary, IN

Auto electrical problems can sneak up on vehicle owners. Without warning your battery might die or you might stall out at a stop light. It’s important not to ignore these flukes and instead, think about what might be lurking out of sight, under the hood. Glen Park Autoworks provides the electrical oversight and repairs you need to drive away with a fully-functioning vehicle.

Services Offered

Through a combination of expertise and comprehensive car diagnostics in Gary, Black Oak, or Lake County, IN as well as Chicago and East Chicago, IL, our team is able to get to the bottom of your electrical woes quickly. We deliver repairs that are complete and restorative, nipping problems in the bud and protecting your car’s function long-term. Some of the electrical services we offer include:

  • Electrical diagnostics
    Before you have your vehicle hauled in for engine repair in Gary, IN, make sure the battery isn’t to blame. We offer electrical diagnostics to pinpoint electrical troubles over mechanical assumptions.
  • Batteries
    Need a new battery? Be sell and install a wide range of reputable batteries. We even clean your contacts and test power after every install, to ensure you drive away with peace of mind.
  • Fuses: Radio not working? Dash lights not displaying? You’re likely dealing with a blown fuse. We replace fuses and route the source of their failure, to ensure everything stays working properly.
  • Alternators
    Alternators can cause a variety of problems—namely trouble starting your car. If your engine won’t turn over or the battery light is on, let us check for alternator trouble and provide a replacement if it’s found to be faulty.
  • Wiring problems
    A couple of crossed wires can cause a whole assortment of problems for your vehicle’s electrical system. If you’ve had work done recently and are experiencing problems, we’ll make sure bad wiring isn’t to blame.
  • Power windows
    Power windows are a simple convenience, but when they stop working, they’re a huge headache. We can check and replace the window motor and test the connection to restore up and down function.
  • Power locks
    If your power locks stop responding, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. Let us check your locks and their mechanisms to make sure you’re able to lock and unlock freely again.

Get Electrical Service

You may not be able to see electrical problems, but when they erupt, they’re sure to cause a headache. Contact us at Glen Park Autoworks today at 219-887-5555 to get expert electrical, brakes, mufflers, suspensions, and more to service to prevent or remedy these issues.