How Do Potholes Affect Your Vehicle’s Suspension?

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Paved roads don’t last forever. The impact of constant traffic, not to mention the elements of nature, contribute to road deterioration, including potholes. You’re likely going to encounter some rough patches of road and potholes each time you get behind the wheel, and not all potholes can be avoided. If you hit an unexpected pothole in Gary, IN, look for these signs to see if you have pothole-related suspension damage.

What kinds of suspension damage do potholes cause?

It’s not just the tires that are impacted when you hit a pothole too hard. Several other vehicle components experience the effects of the impact. One of the most harmful things that can happen from potholes is suspension damage.

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of several components that work together to maximize driving performance and ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Hitting a pothole too hard tends to aggravate major suspension parts that may already be in need of repair. The combination of both vertical and horizontal forces causes your vehicle’s suspension components, like the suspension arm and tie rod, to break or bend.

Pothole impacts in themselves don’t cause damage to other suspension components like the shots or struts, but continually driving on rough roads causes them to wear prematurely. If you commonly drive on bumpy or otherwise damaged roads, there’s a good chance that your shocks and struts are in need of a checkup.

How can you tell if you have suspension damage?

If you’re lucky, you’ll hit unavoidable potholes without too much force. The effects of harder hits are evident. After you’ve had a hard impact with a pothole, look for these common signs to see if you have suspension damage:

  • You’ll hear unexpected sounds like a tick or a clunk
  • Your car bottoms out
  • You notice excessive bouncing as you drive, and your ride becomes less comfortable
  • You find it more difficult to control your car

You can notice if something seems off as you’re driving your vehicle. As soon as you detect any of these signs of pothole suspension damage, get your car to a reputable car suspension repair shop in Gary, IN to make the required fixes right away.

How do you minimize pothole damage?

Not all potholes can be avoided. How do you minimize damage if you can’t safely dodge a pothole? The best thing you can do is slow down as much as is safely possible. Right before you hit it, ease up on the brakes. If you know you’re driving on a rough street, it’s smart to reduce your speed in general. Also avoid puddles as much as you can when you’re on the road, as they can be much deeper than they seem. Remember that the slower you drive, the more time you have to react and minimize damage from potholes.

The condition of your vehicle directly affects its safety. If you experience the unwanted surprise of hitting a pothole in Gary, IN, contact Glen Park Autoworks to make the necessary car suspension repairs that keep your car roadworthy.

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