Top Reasons Power Windows Stop Working

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Almost all vehicles these days have power windows. These are almost always more convenient than the old hand-crank style of window. The one disadvantage is that when they stop working, there’s simply no way to get the window down. If you have a busted window, your car will become uncomfortable. This is also a safety issue. Read on to find out about leading reasons for power windows not working.

Window lock button is on

This is one of those “D’oh!” moments. If your power window won’t roll down, check that the window lock button is disengaged. This, as you might expect, is the easiest fix when it comes to power window issues.

Busted window motor

Power windows require a motor that supplies electrical energy. A gear at the end of the motor connects to the window regulator. Pressing up or down on the power window button activates the motor. If the motor isn’t working, the regulator doesn’t receive power. If you notice your window slowing down, this is a sign the motor will likely fail soon.

Broken window regulator

The device responsible for operating the power window is referred to as a window regulator. This is connected to the window motor. If the regulator is no longer working, pushing up or down on the window button will not make it move. It’s possible that the crank gears are worn out or broken, or the regulator isn’t in alignment.

Snow and ice

An excess of snow or ice could affect how well the power windows function. The window glass may end up sticking to the frames, and your regulator might not be strong enough to force the window away from the frame. Even if it’s strong enough, this will put considerable extra strain on this mechanism.

Bad fuse

If all of your windows are stuck, it’s likely the fuse connected to the window regulators is the source of the problem. In this case, when you press the window buttons for any of the windows, nothing happens at all. Check the owner’s manual to find out which fuse is responsible for supplying power to the windows.

Bad wiring

A series of wires connects the window switch to the window motor. It’s uncommon, though not unheard of, that wiring issues are the root cause of power windows not working. For example, it’s possible that if another component in the power window system was recently replaced, the mechanic may have inadvertently cut one of these wires.

Broken power window switch

The button you use to engage the power windows could be the source of the problem. Fortunately, if this is the source of the issue, replacing the power window switch is a relatively inexpensive fix.

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