How Do I Properly Maintain My Vehicle’s AC?

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Summer is in full swing, so you might be wondering if you need a car AC tune-up. The answer is yes—if your vehicle’s air conditioner fails during the summer, get ready for some hot and sweaty driving! You want your AC in tip-top shape and ready to blast out cold air, ridding your car of heat and humidity and making your drives much more comfortable. Read on to find out our leading tips for auto AC maintenance.

Periodic usage

It’s a wise idea to run the air conditioning periodically, even when it isn’t hot. Let it run for about 10 minutes each time. This will allow you to immediately head off any problems you notice. On top of that, it will keep the oil circulating through the system and prevent the seals from drying out. It will also reduce the chances that fungus and mold will begin growing in the air conditioning system.

Check under the hood

Pop the hood to check out how the AC is running. The AC condenser is located in front of the radiator and is responsible for turning Freon from a gas back into liquid as it condenses. The condenser should be free of any debris that might restrict airflow. When it’s blocked, this will prevent the system from operating efficiently. You can clear off the condenser using a garden hose equipped with a high-pressure nozzle.

Monitor the Freon

An air conditioning system may lose up to 15 percent of its Freon over the course of a year. You need a trained mechanic to measure the Freon in the system and replace it as needed. If you notice that your car has a leak—such as residue on the hoses or fittings—it often comes in the form of Freon mixed with oil. Don’t try to replace Freon yourself and “just top it off.” The best approach is to drain the entire system and then replace the exact amount needed for your vehicle.

Take advantage of annual auto AC maintenance

You want to have your car’s AC system checked out at least once a year. If possible, try to get this done before summer, at which point mechanics will be busy fixing air conditioners. This service will allow your mechanic to spot any existing problems and can also act as a preventative check to avoid future issues.

A trained professional will perform an AC system leak test, inspect the hoses and nozzles, check the refrigerant levels, inspect the thermostats and valves, sanitize the system and do an air vent temperature check.

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